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Common Questions About Garage Doors

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Common Questions About Garage Doors

Automatic garage door systems can make your life a lot easier, but when something goes wrong with them, they can certainly make things inconvenient. Our experts can offer you some useful advice that will help you take better care of your overhead door system. Check out the FAQs below for some useful information.

Can I have Carriage House doors if I don’t have a real driveway?

Yes you can. The popularity of the Carriage House-style garage doors is limited only by the fact that some homeowners don’t have the space for the doors to swing out. Some manufacturers such as Amarr have come up with garage doors that look like Carriage House doors but they actually swing up (not out). So why not?

What is the R-value of my insulated garage door?

There are two common types of insulations. The first is polystyrene backing sheets (which homeowners can easily add to any uninsulated door). The second type is built-in expanded polyurethane foam between two sheets of steel. You need an R-value of 8 to achieve 90% heat flow reduction. Well-built doors with polystyrene backing can achieve this number. You can go for the expensive polyurethane foam-in-place door but there’ll be a diminishing rate of return.

How do I test the safety feature of my garage door opener?

The safety sensors, which are installed on each side of the opening to your garage, must be aligned correctly in order to work properly. You can test them by placing an object between the two photo-electric eyes and then trying to close the door via the opener. If the sensors are able to detect the object, the door should either refuse to open or starts to comply but then reverse. If the door touches the object, you need to call our experts right away.


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