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Maintenance for Your Garage Door – Why Bother?

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Maintenance for Your Garage Door – Why Bother?

Maintenance for Your Garage Door | Garage Door Repair Cedar Hill, TX

Professionals often talk about maintenance but very few actually underline why it's so important for your garage door. That's why our experts are so keen to share the many benefits of scheduling regular service checks. Read on to find out more!

Your Door Will Live Longer

Carrying out regular maintenance will go a long way towards extending the longevity of the various parts that make up your door system. Most heavy-duty residential garage doors are rated for ten to fifteen years, but many homeowners report that particular components have broken down after just a few years of use. In our experience, this is usually the result of poor care. When you frequently lubricate the moving parts of your garage door and correct visible issues, you'll assist long term functioning and prevent larger issues from developing in the future like rust, panel damage, or opener malfunction.

Safety Checks Protect You

We recommend scheduling a professional service check at least twice a year. Because garage doors are heavy electro-mechanical systems, it is important to assure that there are no underlying safety hazards lying in wait to surprise you. During a routine visit, our technicians will ensure all of your components are well adjusted, they'll check the springs for wear and tear, and confirm the safety sensors and the automatic reversal feature are working as they should be. Just give us call to arrange an appointment!

Save Money In The Long Run

From a long-term perspective, regular servicing is a cost-effective affair. Spending a nominal amount of dollars on maintenance can help you avoid huge costs in repairs and replacements down the line. Since garage doors are meant to function for several years, periodic maintenance makes complete sense.

Take the example of a recent customer who spent a lot of money on cable and roller replacement. He hadn’t really made any effort to care for his garage door in years. Now, one by one, various parts were causing him problems and causing him expenses which could have been prevented. Most garage door parts are rated for several years, but if they are not maintained properly, their lifespans are cut short.

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